Throne of Helios – an experience in 9 dimensions!


horses from thrones of Helios

I am showered in sea spray as the chariot surges over the waves.  The horses are made of fire, four formidable mounds of energy.  The sun God, Helios, pushes them on as we observe the coastline of Rhodes which glistens as it rises from the sea.

I am in ‘The throne of Helios’, a 9D presentation of the story of Rhodes, shown in the first ever cinema building in the town which dates back to the 1930′s.  It’s a quick thrill film presentation of 6000 years of history in just 18 minutes.

The film is an exciting mix of myth and history; angry Greek Gods, legendary statues and swashbuckling knights loom at us through our 3D glasses. I see (hear, smell and feel) how the island and its people evolved. I see the construction of a magnificent bronze statue of Helios, known as the Colossus of Rhodes and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The popular belief (and one upheld in the film) is that it stood astride the entrance to the port and ships sailed between his muscular calves.  A more boring likely location was inside the walls of the Old town, but that’s the charm of the film.  It’s not about historical accuracies; it’s about basking in the glory of thrilling myths and legends and the beauty that is Rhodes.  It’s an assault on the senses with 3D visuals supplemented with sea spray, canon smoke, wind, bubbles and snow.  All of this is shaken and stirred by the swivelling and pitching chairs we are securely strapped into.  There is commentary too, but who can concentrate on that as a serpent slithers off the screen and hits you between the eyes!

The experience is undeniably fun.  Adults and children alike will love it.   I loved it.   With admission at 10 euros for adults and 6 euros for children below 12 years it might be considered costly for a family, however it is definitely worth seeing.  My advice if you are on a budget would be to combine the show with a takeaway pitta gyros and a stroll along Mandraki harbor and into the Old Town.  Go and check out the places you have just seen from another era in their current day form!  You can also spend time reading through the exhibition in the foyer which tells some fascinating stories of modern day Rhodes.

Not to be missed is the photo opportunity:


Insert face and assume scary Knight expression

Insert face and assume scary Knight expression


For more details on the film and the viewing schedule you can visit the ‘Throne of Helios’ Website.

I visited ‘Throne of Helios’ as a paying customer. This is not a sponsored post.


Have you been to see ‘Throne of Helios’?  What did you think of it?

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