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Karsaniki needlework

A stitch in time

Embroidery doesn’t really float my boat. I absolutely do not intend to prepare a single decorative triangle for my daughter’s dowries. I’m sure they will be bitterly disappointed. But it’s one of two products that […]

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The waterfalls of Dimmosari, Nidri, Lefkada

We took a short drive from the villa to have a look at the Dimmosari waterfall.  What a wet and fertile valley we found!  The walk up to the waterfall is along a path for […]

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view from violitzis

Harmony and Melody in Lefkada – the Violitzis Villas

Pa – li – o – ka – tou – na.  Paliokatouna – it’s such a great word.  It means, roughly translated, ‘old shack’ and refers to the rough, small houses which were built by […]

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Beautiful beach.  Nuff said.

Loving Lefkada – Beaches

‘The port of goats’ .  Not the most alluring title for a beach ever, is it?  Nonetheless ‘Porto Katsiki’ (ahh, now it sounds better) is named in the top 10 beaches in Greece. Like all […]

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