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Beautiful beach.  Nuff said.

Loving Lefkada – Beaches

‘The port of goats’ .  Not the most alluring title for a beach ever, is it?  Nonetheless ‘Porto Katsiki’ (ahh, now it sounds better) is named in the top 10 beaches in Greece. Like all […]

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Ship wreck Zakynthos Zante

The Shipwreck

‘Where are all these cigarettes from?’ ‘From the ‘Panayiotis’, the smugglers ship that got wrecked in the Bay of Spirili’. ‘Show me.’ It’s 1980-something.  Stavros Marmatakis is a photographer visiting a friend in the area.  […]

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The view down to the beach from our balcony

Tiny Tilos

On a whim and in search of some peace and quiet, I recently decided to take my family to Tilos for 3 days of glorious doing nothing.  Tilos is one of the smallest islands in […]

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Parading the icon through the village

What’s in a name-day?

  Kai Tou Chronou! If you want to witness a real Greek experience then just check your calendar for the next name day. The Greek Orthodox church has a Feast Day for each of it’s […]

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souvlaki crop for blog

Happy Tsiknopempti!

Today is ‘Tsiknopempti’ (tsik-no-pemp-tee) or charred Thursday for a very loose translation.  If you are a vegetarian you may want to stay home with the windows closed as today in Greece we BBQ meat.  A […]

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6 reasons why you should book a villa holiday on Rhodes

Actually I could give you a hundred, but we all know time is precious!  Let’s start by reminding ourselves that our Greek Boutique villa holidays offer a relaxing, independent quality to your hard earned holiday.  […]

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