Loving Lefkada – Beaches


Beautiful beach.  Nuff said.

‘The port of goats’ .  Not the most alluring title for a beach ever, is it?  Nonetheless ‘Porto Katsiki’ (ahh, now it sounds better) is named in the top 10 beaches in Greece. Like all great beaches, it used to be impossible to get to.  Except for the goats.  Now there is a twisty turny […]

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The Shipwreck


Ship wreck Zakynthos Zante

‘Where are all these cigarettes from?’ ‘From the ‘Panayiotis’, the smugglers ship that got wrecked in the Bay of Spirili’. ‘Show me.’ It’s 1980-something.  Stavros Marmatakis is a photographer visiting a friend in the area.  He comes across the cigarettes in his friend’s storeroom. He is shown up to a spot on the cliffs and […]

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Throne of Helios – an experience in 9 dimensions!


horses from thrones of Helios

I am showered in sea spray as the chariot surges over the waves.  The horses are made of fire, four formidable mounds of energy.  The sun God, Helios, pushes them on as we observe the coastline of Rhodes which glistens as it rises from the sea. I am in ‘The throne of Helios’, a 9D […]

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