Loving Lefkada – Beaches


Beautiful beach.  Nuff said.

‘The port of goats’ .  Not the most alluring title for a beach ever, is it?  Nonetheless ‘Porto Katsiki’ (ahh, now it sounds better) is named in the top 10 beaches in Greece.

Like all great beaches, it used to be impossible to get to.  Except for the goats.  Now there is a twisty turny road taking you almost down to the beach itself.  Once you have parked and swooned at the view you deftly descend 103 steps.  There are several canteens before you go down, but if you are early or late season make sure you have refreshments with you because it s a long drive to go and get any!

I was glad I had the pleasure of this beach in May.  We shared it with just handful of other people, I don’t imagine its like that in the height of the season!  The water is an incredible turquoise, the sand is coarse, but creamy and the white sheer cliff that slices down to the beach is an amazing backdrop.  You pay to park your car (3 euros).  If you partake of the waters take some swim shoes as the shingle at the waters edge make it hard and very ungraceful to get out of.  When the sea is calm the water is crystal clear, when the waves are up it turns a milky,  turquoise colour.  Be careful if you are not a good swimmer as it gets deep quite quickly and the pull of the waves on windy days is strong.  I know none of that will put you off and it shouldn’t.  Even the drive down to Porto Katsiki won’t disappoint, beauty in nature at every turn.

Egremni, no idea what the name means and neither does google translate.  I am  ashamed to say that we didn’t visit this beach.   The thought of the 300 plus steps to get onto the beach made me wince.  Now the fact that I didn’t go makes me wince even harder.  According to my research, it’s a similar dramatic beach scape to Porto Katsiki, but with the added benefit of being longer.  And guess what.  The steps apparently put a lot of people off going, making it less crowded and far more like an exotic, private paradise.  You should take everything you need with you for a day on the beach or designate someone to run up and down the 300 plus steps to go back to the car when you need something.  Its no good.  Im going to have to back to Lefkada to test this one out for you.

Kathisma.  A ‘kathisma’ is somewhere where you sit.  So I did.  I enjoyed a very relaxing couple of hours on this beach, watching a windsurfer battle the water and the breeze.  Refreshments were available in a very trendy beach bar/restaurant and the sunbeds were free of charge.  I imagine this place full of beautiful people in the summer months if the beautifully polite (and beautiful) bar man is anything to go by.  This is another spectacularly beautiful beach in typical Ionian style – creamy coloured beach, turquoise waters and white cliffs and greenery as a backdrop.  I read somewhere that the grains of sand of this beach are like rice making them really easy to brush off at the end of the day.  I pff’ed at the time, but its true!


Lefkada is a very easy island to drive around and all these beaches are easily reached by car from all of our villas in Lefkada which you can see right here.

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