I love Greece – Happy valentines day!


Happy valentines day Tsambika

St Valentine or ‘Aghios Valentino’  is still a spring chicken to us in Greece.  He’s only been recognised in Greece since 1977 and is certainly not celebrated with the usual gaiety and fanfare of other, more well known saints.  It’s not huge here, like in other parts of the western world.  I like to think that’s because Greeks dont need a specific day to express their passionate love for something, they do it every day!

But it did get me thinking about the whole love thing.  Its my wedding anniversary today, that was more by luck than judgement however (dont want you to think of me as a soppy romantic, now do I?) and I thought about the things I love about Greece and my life here.  Here’s 5 of them for you;

  • Swimming in the sea at 10pm (summer only, obviously)
  • Sunshine on my face for most days of the year
  • Ordering enough food to feed a small country when in a restaurant (and not thinking anything of it)
  • Being able to gesticulate wildly and get a facial work out whilst talking
  • Sleeping in the afternoon

What do you love about Greece?

  • elizabeth says:

    Hi Gina! Thanks, great to hear from you. Glad you like the page and the blog and thanks for sharing ;) I had a look at your blog and page too, beautiful stuff! See in Rhodes for a frappe next time you are here!!

  • gina argyrou says:

    Hi again…..didnt realize it was you Cass who writes this lovely blog. Nice surprise and I will definately share it. Please have a look at my Greek sea glass blog if you get the time
    thanks and all the best to you

  • gina argyrou says:

    Lovely blog Elizabeth! I love everything about Greece, lived there over 25 years in Rhodes and just adore the culture, the natural beauty and the most wonderful sea glass treasures I find on the beach!

    Happy Valentines day
    na se kala

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