Eating in Greece


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Blood red tomatoes that smell of sunshine, mingling with cool, refreshing cucumber.  Juices intermingling with golden rivulets of olive oil and sprinkled with fragrant oregano.  The luxuriant creamy whiteness of greek yoghurt, bobbled with bits of cucumber, deceivingly cool before the soft warmth of the garlic tantalises your tastebuds. Silver, salty slivers of sardines bring the sea to your mouth before swimming in a pool of cleansing, aniseed tasting ouzo.  Tiny moments of delicious, silent explosions intertwine with glasses chinking and bubbles of laughter all wrapped up in the warmth of good company.

In Greece we live to eat.  Food is at the heart of everything, family gatherings, religious celebrations, going out with friends.  You will never visit a Greek house and not be offered something to eat, from a sticky preserved fruit to a plate of food.  Its as intrinsic part of the psyche as the gesticulating hands and the loud voices.  And because we love to eat (a lot), on a greek table you will never find simply a plate of food per person.  A plethora of randomly patterned plates will act as vessels to bring your tastebuds offerings as exotic as spiky black sea urchins or as simple as tomatoes that taste of, well, tomatoes!  Salty, crumbly feta cheese, fresh fish fried in olive oil or charred from the barbeque, tender pork spiced with garlic and hot paprika, juices and sauces demanding to be mopped up with crusty corn bread.  A good dollop of laughter and fine company and you will understand why all Greeks are kings in their own land.

Kali Orexi – Enjoy your meal!

Yia Mas!

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