Do nothing! And thats an order!


Boats Haraki


Or how a villa holiday will improve your productivity (seriously).

When was the last time you did nothing?  Seriously, nothing? I mean the nothing where your mind just wanders, daydreams, gazes.   Unless you are a seasoned meditator, I bet its been an awful long time – or it just might have been on your last holiday.  Look around you and you will see what I mean.  Is there anyone without an ipod, a kindle, a smartphone or a paperback in their hands?  We can’t be unoccupied it seems for even a second, and we don’t have to be anymore.  We can do an internet search from our phone, find inspiration from a tweet and be constantly updated on our friends activities and random thoughts.  But what happens when we go on holiday?  Its more than likely too hot to do anything but soak up some rays around the pool, we may not even have internet access (imagine that?) so what to do, but just lay there – doing nothing.  You probably noticed how ‘tiring’ being on holiday seems, you sleep all the time.  Do you know why that is?  Because only a truly relaxed mind and body can sleep.  And have you noticed that while you are gazing off into the distant vista of a mediteranean seaview a solution to a dilemma will just pop into your mind, or an elusive scenario for your next novel, or just a new way of looking at something?  You haven’t been brainstorming or networking or researching on the web – it just came to you.  Well that s a product of doing nothing.  So if you think you are too busy to take holiday this year, think again.  Because busy doesn’t always get you the answers you need!

What could be more relaxing than getting up when you want, breakfasting at midday or jumping in the pool without even having to check in the mirror for how you look.  You can eat, drink, swim, or just do nothing.  Liberating eh?  You will relax your body and mind, repair your brain cells with sleep and get a tan all at the same time!

You will be refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again.  So what are you waitng for?  Come and increase your productivity, I’ve just given you the perfect story to tell your Boss……

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Where do you fancy doing ‘nothing’ the most?

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