Karsaniki needlework

A stitch in time

Embroidery doesn’t really float my boat. I absolutely do not intend to prepare a single decorative triangle for my daughter’s dowries. I’m sure they will be bitterly disappointed. But it’s one of two products that […]

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horses from thrones of Helios

Throne of Helios – an experience in 9 dimensions!

I am showered in sea spray as the chariot surges over the waves.  The horses are made of fire, four formidable mounds of energy.  The sun God, Helios, pushes them on as we observe the […]

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Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.25.24

Seeing red

There’s red everywhere.  Through the back door I see a pool of it in the kitchen sink, blotches over the worktops.  And a couple of confused footprints striking out in different directions. Something boils furiously […]

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Greek family tree

You called her what?

What’s in a name?  Well quite a lot actually if you are Greek. First names get passed down through the generations.  They  tell people which folk you come from, who your parents and grandparents are.  […]

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The fruits of my labour

I live on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes.  We soak up an average of 300 sunny days per year.  Today is not one of them. Normally this wouldn’t bother me: but today we need […]

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Enjoy Rhodes, meet Halki.

I am sitting at a little cafe enjoying a refreshing iced-tea, just got in from Rhodes. All I can hear is some chatter at the “Kafeneion” and the sound of the water at the Jetty […]

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Boats Haraki

Do nothing! And thats an order!

  Or how a villa holiday will improve your productivity (seriously). When was the last time you did nothing?  Seriously, nothing? I mean the nothing where your mind just wanders, daydreams, gazes.   Unless you are […]

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