6 reasons why you should book a villa holiday on Rhodes



Actually I could give you a hundred, but we all know time is precious!  Let’s start by reminding ourselves that our Greek Boutique villa holidays offer a relaxing, independent quality to your hard earned holiday.  No set meal times, the pool is all yours and you are free to come and go as you please.  Plus you don’t have to get dressed for dinner ;)   Ok, let’s move on then to why you should choose the amazing island of Rhodes for your destination!

Culture and history
Rhodes has passed through the hands of crusading knights, Turks, Italians and international tourism.  They have all left an indelible mark on the island and the inhabitants.  Turkish mosques, an array of medieval fortresses and castles, a complete medieval city, beautiful architecture and grand public buildings.  Despite all that, Rhodes is very much Greek.

Hospitality and charm
The Rhodians are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness.  You will come as a visitor and leave as a friend.

Fantastic beaches
Mile upon mile of stunning coastline with beaches to suit all tastes and all within easy reach.  Sandy, stony, rocky, busy, deserted, organized with watersports or exciting with kite surfing.  The adjectives could go on and on.

Great food
Tavernas, International restaurants and pita gyros all over the island.  In most villages you will find butchers, bakers (no doubt candlestick makers) and locally grown fresh fruit and veg.  A number of large supermarket chains if you can’t shop without a trolley, such as  Lidl and Carrefour, as well as some excellent local names.

Easy to get here
Rhodes Diagoras airport is a large well serviced airport with international flights landing every day of the week.  The island is well served by budget airlines Easyjet, Ryan air, Jet2 to name a few.  The two major Greek airlines Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines also offer flights via Athens from most major cities across the world.

Island of sunshine (that’s official)
Rhodes enjoys more days of sunshine per year than any other Greek island, on average a staggering 300.  So come and soak up some rays this year!

Now all you need to do is choose your villa, I don’t envy you that task!  Take a look at our selected villas in Rhodes and choose one :) and come back and tell us which one you chose….


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