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Eating in Greece

  Blood red tomatoes that smell of sunshine, mingling with cool, refreshing cucumber.  Juices intermingling with golden rivulets of olive oil and sprinkled with fragrant oregano.  The luxuriant creamy whiteness of greek yoghurt, bobbled with […]

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Parading the icon through the village

What’s in a name-day?

  Kai Tou Chronou! If you want to witness a real Greek experience then just check your calendar for the next name day. The Greek Orthodox church has a Feast Day for each of it’s […]

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souvlaki crop for blog

Happy Tsiknopempti!

Today is ‘Tsiknopempti’ (tsik-no-pemp-tee) or charred Thursday for a very loose translation.  If you are a vegetarian you may want to stay home with the windows closed as today in Greece we BBQ meat.  A […]

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Happy valentines day Tsambika

I love Greece – Happy valentines day!

St Valentine or ‘Aghios Valentino’  is still a spring chicken to us in Greece.  He’s only been recognised in Greece since 1977 and is certainly not celebrated with the usual gaiety and fanfare of other, […]

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