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Lost and found

I can’t find them anywhere.  I’ve searched under the beds, in between the cushions, the fridge (someone on Facebook recommended this one) and down the back of the sofa.  My keys have been missing for […]

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A scene from 'To Nisi', The Greek adaptation of 'The Island' by Victoria Hislop

Spinalonga – fact and fiction

A solemn walk through the village to the waiting boat.  Observing the walking dead, the mourners look on with grief deeply etched onto their weather beaten faces.  A wooden box hoisted onto a loved ones […]

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6 reasons why you should book a villa holiday on Rhodes

Actually I could give you a hundred, but we all know time is precious!  Let’s start by reminding ourselves that our Greek Boutique villa holidays offer a relaxing, independent quality to your hard earned holiday.  […]

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