A stitch in time


Karsaniki needlework

Embroidery doesn’t really float my boat. I absolutely do not intend to prepare a single decorative triangle for my daughter’s dowries. I’m sure they will be bitterly disappointed. But it’s one of two products that Lefkada is best known for. The first one is the fragrant thyme honey and the other is a special embroidery […]

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The waterfalls of Dimmosari, Nidri, Lefkada



We took a short drive from the villa to have a look at the Dimmosari waterfall.  What a wet and fertile valley we found!  The walk up to the waterfall is along a path for most of the way, but there is a bit of rock scrambling at some points, especially if you want to […]

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Harmony and Melody in Lefkada – the Violitzis Villas


view from violitzis

Pa – li – o – ka – tou – na.  Paliokatouna – it’s such a great word.  It means, roughly translated, ‘old shack’ and refers to the rough, small houses which were built by Greeks amongst their agricultural land.  It’s meant to be a place to lay your head while you tend your land.  […]

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